Visitors are welcome at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital.

Extended Visiting Hours

10am – 8pm 

We recognise that the presence of friends and family are important to your wellbeing and recovery so we have extended our visiting hours to allow for your most important people to help you.

•    Family and friends are encouraged to visit as they can often assist you in your recovery
•    Children are welcome however they can sometimes find hospitals daunting so we ask that children be supervised by an adult at all times and take into consideration other patients comfort

Unwell Visitors

To help prevent the spread of infection it is very important that people do not visit the hospital if they have an infectious illness such as chicken pox, a coldsore, flu, parvovirus (slapped cheek), a stomach upset, bad cough or cold. These infections can be easily spread and some are particularly dangerous to pregnant women and newborn babies. Unfortunately, if the brothers and sisters of your newborn baby have any of these infections they must not visit you while you are in hospital.

Mobile Phones 

We understand that mobile phones are no longer a luxury item, and they are often deemed to be a necessity.

We allow you to use your mobile phone however it must be done with respect to all other patients and relatives. You may be politely requested to refrain from its use if it is deemed disruptive or inappropriate by our staff.

Contact Us

You can contact Jessie McPherson Private Hospital on 03 3534 2776 or send us a message below.

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