Jessie McPherson Private Hospital offers a diverse array of specialist care

We provide the following specialist services whilst delivering the individual attention and comfort sought by those who wish to be cared for in a private hospital.:


Monash Heart Private

Monash Heart Private at the Victorian Heart Hospital offers a full range of ambulatory and inpatient cardiac care, including cardiac theatres, cardiac catheterisation laboratories and ambulatory services such as cardiac CT, echocardiography and specialist consultation.


Gastrosciences and Endoscopy

Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract are the focus of this specialty service. Our consultants provide a full range of specialised surgery support for elective and complex upper gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary (relating to liver, pancreas and biliary tree) surgery. This team is skilled in luminal and solid organ surgery as well as laparascopic (minimally invasive) surgery.



Our gynaecology specialist team lead their field in the assessment and management of benign gynaecological disease. We offer patient-focused treatment for all female pelvic disease and are clinical and comprehensive in the medical/surgical management of endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.



Our Maternity Unit has a long and proud history, and the combined experience of our team makes this a core area of excellence. Our specialists offer expert care for women with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and cystic fibrosis. We also provide dedicated services for women with hypertension, multiple pregnancies or for those who have had previous pregnancy complications such as very preterm birth or fetal growth restriction.



Our highly skilled and experienced medical and nursing team is equipped to care for people needing every type of neurological and neurosurgical treatment. From patients undergoing brain, neck and spinal operations; to those suffering from other neurological disorders.


Vascular Surgery

Collaboration between our Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists allows us to provide a comprehensive range of both open and endovascular treatments. Some of our common surgical procedures include treatment of varicose veins, formation of fistulas, management of venous malformations and carotid stenting. Other treatments include advanced aortic aneursymal endoluminal grafting, renal transplantation, hyperhydrosis (abnormally increased perspiration) and diabetic foot problems.

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