Patient Feedback

We are committed to providing the best level of care to all our patients. We want to hear about your stay as this provides us with valuable insight into our service and helps to improve the patient experience.

If you or your family have concerns during your stay, please speak with your nurse and/or the Nurse Manager as we want to resolve any concerns as they arise. Please complete a feedback form which is included in your discharge pack. If you have a compliment or wish to acknowledge a staff member who has provided exceptional care you can do so on the feedback form.

You can also provide feedback in the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

Jessie McPherson Private Hospital also partners with third-party providers of patient experience measurement to survey patients after discharge. You may receive these in the mail. The survey collects de-identified information to monitor and measure patient satisfaction.

Consumer representatives

We are seeking individuals who would like to help guide the planning of our healthcare organisation into the future. This helps us to create a health service that is responsive to patient, carer and consumer input and needs.

You can contribute in a way that suits your interest and time, from sharing your story, to being part of an advisory committee.

You can register your interest with the Jessie McPherson Executive Office by calling (03) 9594 2978, or emailing


Compliments, comments and concerns

We value your feedback. Please take the time to complete this form.

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    You can contact Jessie McPherson Private Hospital on 03 3534 2776 or send us a message below.

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