During your stay

Room accommodation

Jessie McPherson Private Hospital is co-located with Monash Medical Centre in Clayton. Jessie McPherson wards are situated on Level 3 and 5. All rooms have a private en suite and complimentary toiletry pack.


The Jessie McPherson in-patient menu has an excellent variety of choices to ensure you are well catered for during your stay.

You will be able to make meal choices through your smart phone. There is also an option to scan a QR code and meet with a kitchen representative for additional assistance if required.


Each patient bed area is provided with a telephone and local calls are provided free of charge. International, interstate and mobile call charges will be included in your final account. To make a phone call, dial ‘0’ then enter the telephone number.

Mobile phones are permitted within the hospital, however we ask that you be courteous when using mobile phones. Mobile phone usage may be restricted in certain areas such as birth suites, theatre and the Intensive Care Unit.


Each patient room is equipped with a television with all the free-to-air channels, including music/radio channels.

Internet access (Wi-Fi)

The hospital provides free Wi-Fi for patients and families.

Patient identification

On admission to hospital a staff member will apply a patient identification (ID) band to your arm or leg.

If you have an allergy to any food, medication or other substance you will need to notify our staff, and you will have a red ID band applied to alert staff of your allergy.

Throughout your hospital stay you will be asked to repeat your name and date of birth regularly as this helps staff to identify the correct patient.

Whilst this can seem unnecessary at times, it is an important part of ensuring you are provided with safe care.

Clinical handover

At Jessie McPherson we endeavour to involve our patients in clinical handover as much as possible. This process will often take place in your room and involve your input, to keep you informed of your current status, progress and plans for your care.

Contact Us

You can contact Jessie McPherson Private Hospital on 03 3534 2776 or send us a message below.

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