Patient rights and responsibilities

Staff, patients, families and carers all have important roles to play in achieving healthcare rights. It is important to understand what these rights are so that everyone can work together to ensure that wherever and whenever care is provided it is of high quality and it is safe.

The following list outlines your rights as our patient in accordance with the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

Your rights as a patient:

A high standard of health care: to participate in decisions regarding your care; have access to a wide range of services; to make a complaint or provide a compliment without affecting your stay.

Services which respect your culture and communication needs: to access professional medical interpreters; services are provided in a culturally sensitive way.

Receive only care or treatment for which you have provided consent: to decide if students may participate in your health care as part of their training; to decide whether to participate in a research project.

Clear information about your condition and its management: to receive prompt, meaningful responses to questions or concerns you raise about your health care; to be informed about diagnosis and treatment risks, benefits and alternatives; to access your records under the Freedom of Information Act 1982; to feel confident to discuss any issues in relation to your treatment or hospital experience with your health care workers.

Dignity and respect in your care: consideration of your individual needs; to receive services in a manner which is neither discriminatory nor judgemental; to be introduced to all staff who assist with your care; to know the name, identity and the function of key staff involved in your care.

Privacy and confidentiality: respect for your privacy and to have your health information treated as confidential; secure storage and maintenance of your health records; compliance by Monash Heart Private (Operated by Jessie McPherson Private Hospital) with the requirements of privacy legislation.

A safe environment: services provided in an environment that is accessible, clean, safe and secure.

A second opinion: to request and receive a second opinion about your health care.

The support of a person of your choice in discussions about your care: a support person to attend meetings and discussions with staff; to appoint in advance, someone to make health care decisions for you if and when you become unable to do so.

To leave the hospital against the advice of your doctor at your own risk.

For more detailed information, please feel free to download a copy of the charter here.

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