Vascular surgery is focused on treating a wide range of conditions that affect blood vessels. The Vascular Surgeons at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital provide a comprehensive range of open and endovascular treatments, in collaboration with our interventional radiologists.

Some of our common surgical procedures include:

  • treatment of varicose veins
  • formation of fistulas
  • management of venous malformations
  • carotid stenting.

Other specialty treatment areas include:

  • advanced aortic aneursymal endoluminal grafting
  • renal transplantation
  • hyperhydrosis
  • diabetic foot management

Hyperhydrosis/Excessive Sweating

We are pleased to offer our patients access to one of Victoria’s leading hyperhydrosis surgeons. By identifying the over-active cells in the thoracic sympathetic nerves, and through the permanent and effective Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectectomy (ETS) treatment using laparoscopic surgery, our patients are experiencing life changing results.

All facilities and services accessible in one location

Our specialist team has access to a range of facilities for complete diagnosis and treatment on-site.

On-site facilities include:

  • State of the art CT scanners
  • MRI machines
  • Access to operating theatres 24/7

With access to these facilities you are assured of thorough diagnostic techniques, same-day scan results and sophisticated medical and surgical care.

For a list of the Vascular Surgeons who choose Jessie McPherson Private Hospital please view our Specialist Directory.

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