Prior to your admission

You will be contacted by telephone by our one Pre-admissions nurses one or two days prior to your admission day. The purpose of this phone call is to provide you with further information about your procedure, give you the opportunity to ask questions and for our nurses to ensure we are aware of all your important health information.

If you did not receive a Patient Admission Booklet from your doctor we can email you a copy to complete prior to admission which will save you time on the day.

If you have not heard from our Preadmission Nurse or have any questions you need answered, they are always happy to receive your call.

What to bring

Most patients are admitted on the day of planned surgery and are advised to bring:

  • comfortable bed clothing, non-slip footwear and toiletries
  • all current medication in original packets and current prescriptions
  • relevant X-rays and/or scans
  • health insurance details and Medicare card
  • Veterans’ Affairs cards, pension/health care card and/or safety net card
  • glasses, hearing aids, walking stick, frame or other necessary aides
  • please do not bring valuables such as large amounts of cash or expensive jewellery.

On the day of admission

Please present to Jessie McPherson Private Hospital reception desk. This is located to the right once you walk through the front entrance to Monash Medical Centre.  Reception staff will check confirm your personal details and will then escort you to your room.

Discharge information

Planning your return home after a medical procedure is an important part to ensure you care is continued even once you have left our care.

If you are going home on the day of your procedure you will need to ensure you have organised someone to take you home and ideally to stay with you that night.

We ensure that there is a holistic approach to your stay which commences right at the beginning of your stay with us. We will ensure we understand all your care requirements which may include assisting with accommodation and services required even after you have left our care. We consult with patients and families in planning for discharge and we will refer our patients to rehabilitation or transitional care if required.

Working with our patients and their families, we develop the best treatment course for them throughout their stay and beyond.