What can I expect from a stay at Jessie McPherson Private Maternity Unit?

You will have the support and back up of the highest level, with access to highly specialised facilities, 24/7, including anaesthetists, theatre, adult ICU and Monash Children’s NICU.

With our leading obstetricians and the 24/7 facilities on offer, we can confidently say that Jessie McPherson Private Hospital is one of the safest places to birth in Victoria.

Why Jessie McPherson Private?

Why Jessie McPherson Private?

Come along to our Maternity Information Evening on Wednesday 19 June to learn more.

You will get the opportunity to hear from our obstetricians and midwives, ask questions and tour our facilities.

You can learn more about our obstetricians by viewing profiles in our specialists directory.

Places are limited so please book by calling 9594 5160 or email birthandparenting@monashhealth.org


June Maternity Information Evening

June Maternity Information Evening

Contact Us

You can contact Jessie McPherson Private Hospital on 03 3534 2776 or send us a message below.

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