Visitor information


Receiving visitors

Your visitors are welcome to visit during visiting hours. We know that the presence of friends and family members during this time is very important for the wellbeing of both you and your baby.


We would like to ask that your visitors respect the rest period scheduled to ensure the optimal recuperation for you and other patients.

Maternity visiting hours: 2pm to 4pm and 7pm to 8pm

Please ensure that your visitors are advised NOT to visit you between midday and 2.00pm. Visiting hours and rest periods do not apply to partners and other children.

Visitors with contagious diseases

To help prevent the spread of infection it is very important that people do not visit the hospital if they have an infectious illnesses, such as chicken pox, a coldsore, flu, parvovirus (slapped cheek), a stomach upset, bad cough or cold. These infections can be easily spread and some are particularly dangerous to pregnant women and newborn babies. Unfortunately, if the brothers and sisters of your newborn baby have any of these infections they must not visit you while you are in hospital

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