Admission information


Getting admitted into Jessie McPherson Private Hospital

If you are being admitted as a patient here, the following information will be useful for you and your carers in preparation of your stay with us.



Before admission, patients will be contacted by telephone by our pre-admissions team. Patients may will also receive a copy of the pre-admission booklet to complete before admission. This booklet contains information about the hospital and what you should expect upon admission. The booklet also contains registration and medical history forms to be completed.

What to bring
Most patients are admitted on the day of planned surgery and are advised to bring:

  • comfortable bed clothing, non-slip footwear and toiletries
  • all current medication in original packets and current prescriptions
  • relevant X-rays and/or scans
  • health insurance details and Medicare card
  • Veterans' Affairs cards, pension/health care card and/or safety net card
  • glasses, hearing aids, walking stick, frame or other necessary aides
  • please do not bring valuables such as large amounts of cash or expensive jewellery.

On the day of admission

Please present to Jessie McPherson Private Hospital reception desk . Reception staff will check your admission details and a staff member will then escort you to your ward.

Do not:

  • eat or drink anything after midnight if your surgery is in the morning
  • eat or drink anything after 7am if your surgery is in the afternoon (prior to 7am, have a light breakfast)
  • smoke or chew gum
  • wear jewellery (wedding rings permitted) or body piercings
  • wear make-up or nail polish


As a private hospital, we have an agreement with most major health funds. In order for you to ensure that you have an appropriate level of cover and are aware of potential costs, it is essential that you contact your private health fund prior to admission.

If you are not using private health insurance and are funding your own stay, total payment must be made on the day of admission by way of cash, bank cheque, credit card or EFTPOS.

Other costs which may be incurred during your stay are payable on discharge. Please bring provision for payment of these fees on admission to hospital.

For any further queries regarding costs and accounts information, do not hesitate to contact our Patients Services department on (03) 9594 2776.

Discharge information

Planning your return home after a medical procedure is an important part of your continuing care. Discharge arrangements will be discussed with you before or on admission to hospital.


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